Roof work can be hazardous, with falls being the most common and often fatal injury. Even experienced roofers can be at risk of accidents, so taking safety seriously when working on your roof is essential.? 

There are some essential safety tips that you should always follow to reduce the risk of injury or damage. This article will explore some important safety tips for working on your roof, including proper equipment, safety gear, and techniques.? 

If you don’t have safety gear or proper equipment, you should leave the job to a professional?roofing company Ann Arbor. 

Only Work During Good Weather Conditions 

Working on your roof should be done with caution and extreme care. You must pick the right weather conditions to ensure the job is done safely and with the best results.? 

Trying to work on your roof in inclement or bad weather can be dangerous as you could slip and fall off a wet or icy surface.? 

Even if the forecast doesn’t call for rain right away, check the local radar and temperatures throughout the day so that you don’t get caught off-guard by an unexpected downpour.? 

With good preparation and foresight, working on your roof in ideal weather conditions will guarantee your safety and give you peace of mind knowing that the bulk of hard work has been done successfully! 

Wear Proper PPE 

When working on a roof, it is essential to ensure all workers wear the proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Without it, there is an increased risk of serious injuries or even death due to falls, exposure to hazardous materials, and other potentially dangerous scenarios.? 

Wearing PPE is a necessary precaution to help guarantee the job site is secure from start to finish. Such measures may include wearing hard hats, full-body harnesses and lanyards, gloves, and thick-soled boots.? 

Not only do these items offer physical protection while on the roof, but they also provide peace of mind against unexpected dangers.? 

By dressing appropriately with PPE before ascending any height, workers can help ensure their safety remains intact during the entire process. 

Don’t Work Alone 

Working on the roof can be dangerous and even deadly. It’s essential always to have at least one other person there to help you out if anything goes wrong. T 

This is especially true if you are handling heavy materials, need to move something that is too big or awkward for one person to handle, or will be working over a long period.? 

Having that extra person keeps the job safe, provides additional support and expertise and can offer moral support when needed.? 

Not only can having an extra set of eyes reduce accidents, but it can also ensure difficult jobs run more quickly and accurately. Whether it’s a fellow contractor or an assistant, don’t work alone on the roof. 


Working on a roof can be dangerous, but taking the proper precautions can reduce the risk of accidents or injury. 

Following these safety tips can keep yourself and others safe while working on your roof.